One of the most useful functionalities that Music Meal provides is the cross platform search. It allows users to search across YouTube, Spotify and SoundCloud at the same time.

Usually remixes and some podcasts are only on YouTube or SoundCloud, while Spotify provides access to other podcasts that don’t exist on the other two platforms. So searching for something across all platforms at once can save you a lot of time, compared to trying each platform one by one.

Here is a short demo of the search in action

To go to the search – click on the magnifying glass at the top left corner. Then simply type what you are looking for and press enter or click on the magnifying glass next to the input field. All of the results can be either played directly from the search list or add them to your currently selected playlist.

NOTE: in order for the search to include results from Spotify, you will need to authenticate with Spotify. Music Meal will NOT have access to your account, only to a token that can be used to ask Spotify to play something or search for something. For full details about what user data Music Meal is storing you can read here

Also NOTE that results from YouTube may take a few seconds more to be gathered and published.


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