Music Meal allows you to copy over entire playlists and albums from all major platforms – SoundCloud, YouTube and Spotify.

To do it, follow the same steps as when adding a song (You can read about it here) but instead copy the url from the browser of the entire playlist, i.e. – Notice how the url is not only the id of the video, but also includes a list param.

For Spotify, you’d want to click share on an album or a playlist, instead of a single song and then either paste it in the input field on the Chrome Extension or the Web Player, or select share on mobile and the select Music Meal from the presented options.

You can see how it looks like on mobile from SoundCloud

You can see how it looks like on mobile from YouTube

And here is how it looks like when its done from Spotify

On Desktop is not a lot different than mobile, it just requires you to copy and paste the the url of it, because you can not share it directly into the app. Here is a short demo of it working


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