You can sync the mobile and chrome extensions of Music Meal with YouTube. For now this will enable only getting all of your tracks and playlists from YouTube and adding them into Music Meal. This can be manually retriggered.

Due to the fact that Google has a low limit after which it starts to require payments the rest of the sync service are disabled for now, but in the future this will also enable the following:

  • All of your YouTube playlists will be added to Music Meal
  • If you add a song to a YouTube playlist the same song will be added to the same playlist in Music Meal
  • If you remove a song from a YouTube playlist it will be removed from the playlist in Music Meal
  • If you add a YouTube song to a playlist that was originally from YouTube in MusicMeal, the same song will be added to the original YouTube playlist
  • If you remove a YouTube song from YouTube playlist in MusicMeal, the same song will be removed from the original YouTube playlist
  • Adding new playlists in YouTube will add them to Music Meal

Connecting YouTube to MusicMeal is easy:

Open Music Meal, select the settings button, and then the Get your YouTube playlists button

You will be redirected to a Google sign in popup

After you select an account (You may need to sign in first if you have never signed in to Google in this browser) the popup will close and Music Meal will start syncing.

Once done, you will see a similar notification:

The steps above use screenshots for the chrome extension, but the flow on the android app is exactly the same.


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