You can sync the mobile and chrome extensions of Music Meal with SoundCloud. This will enable the following:

  • All of your SoudClound playlists will be added to Music Meal
  • If you add a song to a SoundCloud playlist the same song will be added to the same playlist in Music Meal
  • If you remove a song from a SoundCloud playlist it will be removed from the playlist in Music Meal
  • If you add a SoundCloud song to a playlist that was originally from SoundClound in MusicMeal, the same song will be added to the original SoundCloud playlist
  • If you remove a SoundCloud song from SoundClound playlist in MusicMeal, the same song will be removed from the original SoundCloud playlist
  • Adding new playlists in SoundCloud will add them to Music Meal

Connecting SoundCloud to MusicMeal is easy:

Open Music Meal, select the settings button, and then the Connect with SoudCloud button

You will be redirected to a SoundCloud sign in popup

After you select “Connect and Continue” (You may need to sign in first if you have never signed in to SoundCloud in this browser) the popup will close and Music Meal will start syncing.

Once done, you will see a similar notification:

Please note that SoundCloud doesn’t always return the entire content of the user playlists. Because of that the notification will show you how many songs were omitted. However there is no way to know which songs are those.

After that every action on SoundCloud playlists from both SoundCloud and Music Meal will be reflected on both platforms.

Additionally your liked songs will be synced into a separate playlist called SoundCloud Favorites. Notice that this will be a playlist that you can not delete, because it just lists your liked songs at SoundCloud. Adding or removing songs to that playlist will add or remove them from your liked collection at SoundCloud and vice versa.

The steps above use screenshots for the chrome extension, but the flow on the android app is exactly the same.


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